The Bears

Mo and Eric recently revealed the existence of Advanced Bears such as themselves. Highly evolved, “Ad-Bears" are considerably more intelligent than the "average bear" and quite verbal. Ad-Bears enjoy many of the conveniences of the human lifestyle, and are known to be partial to a nap in front of a fireplace and buzzing around on motorized vehicles.

"We really don't like living in caves," Mo explained, "Nor do we enjoy that whole standing-in-a-stream and getting-all-wet approach to fishing. My brother-in-law swears by it, but I find a good cast to be an art." A black bear, Mo resides in a log home at an undisclosed location. His wife is a distant cousin of Smokey.

Eric, a polar bear, moved south years ago after he got tired of his all-seal diet. "The cholesterol was a problem, and frankly I'm not a big fan of cold weather," he says. He's living in a double-wide mobile home and has developed a taste for fish, chicken, and rabbit. Eric is a regular viewer of “Reel in the Outdoors” and hopes to one day fish with Joe Thomas.

Long-time fishing buddies, the two bears were forced to "come out of the woods" for financial reasons. "We were bullish on the stock market when we should have been bearish," Mo confesses.

"Since we were big fans of American Modern's insurance programs, becoming their spokes bears seemed natural," Eric said, "And it totally beats working for the circus."