Why you need a separate boat insurance policy

There are several “rules of thumb” when it comes to boat insurance.

Rule 1. Don’t assume you are covered. You need to know what the policy actually says because any claim is based on the policy language, not what you read in a brochure or what you remember being told by your agent. You spent hours reading the sales literature before buying your boat. Take 15 minutes to read the policy that protects your boat, too. If you are unsure about the meaning of terms, or what coverage limit is right for you, see rule 3.

Rule 2. Endorsing your house policy to include your boat is easy . . . too easy. Yes, you can add a boat to your homeowners policy, but the coverage is pretty basic and limited. It likely offers no coverage for your fishing gear, and certainly does not offer an option such as replacement cost for your new boat. A policy designed just for your boat is better protection.

Rule 3. Go with the experts. United Marine Underwriters is in its 20th year of business and is one of the largest boat insurance agencies in the country. The agency’s knowledge combined with its claims expertise makes it one of the best. American Modern hires its adjusters from the marine industry and trains them in insurance. That makes a real difference because our people know boats and, more importantly, know boat repairs.

Boat insurance jargon can be confusing. We can help you understand the terms.

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